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Presence of the big island at ITB Berlin

by Subdesert |   Category News | publish 16-04-2018

Madagascar saw its participation in the ITB fair in Berlin from March 7th to 11th. This 51st edition has allowed the big island to improve its image after the plague epidemic in 2017 causing a braking in terms of reservations for this year 2018. The Malagasy operators, the ONTM and the airline company Air Madagascar have done everything to obtain new partnerships favoring the "Madagascar" destination among the German population and the world.

The gem industry: a great tourist asset

by Subdesert |   Category News | publish 13-04-2018

Precious stones and gemstones are beautiful local assets that attract tourists. In recent years, it has been noted that tourists buy Malagasy precious stones to bring home as souvenirs. The gem industry, a strong tourist potential ? Launching projects are underway.

Major hotel brands are seduced by Madagascar

by Subdesert |   Category News | publish 05-04-2018

The tourism sector is booming. After the passage of some cruise ships in the northern provinces, another good news has just been revealed. Major hotel brands are set to open soon on the big island, including Hyatt, Mövenpick and Golden Tulip.

Seduce tourists thanks to the digital strategy

by Subdesert |   Category News | publish 21-03-2018

It's easy to launch a product or destination like Madagascar in the high tech era. The ONTM or National Tourist Office of Madagascar took advantage of this communication technique to promote the "Madagascar destination". He used several tools like social networks and communication media to get a good result. The details.

Opening of the Museum of Photography

by Subdesert |   Category News | publish 12-03-2018

Thanks to the initiative of three people: a professor of history, a photographer and a Belgian patron, the Museum of Photography finally opened on February 15th. On February 14, a conference was held to explain the ambitions of these initiators. The latter explained that the virtual museum will finally be transformed into a real museum located in Anjohy at the House of Mayors.

The rare images that are exhibited at the museum will tell the story of Madagascar. This initiative also aims to preserve the photographic heritage of the Big Island, while targeting Malagasy students, historians and researchers to truly know their native land.

Madagascar, the treasure island, according to 50 'Inside

by Subdesert |   Category News | publish 01-03-2018

TV report followed by thousands of spectators, the show 50 minutes Inside broadcast on the French channel TF1 devoted a few minutes to promote the destination Madagascar. 17 minutes of ultimate sharing for the tourist sector of the Big Island.

Costa Riviéra went through Antsiranana

by Subdesert |   Category News | publish 14-02-2018

The Costa Riviéra touched the Malagasy soil on January 27th. It was the second passage of the ship with 1121 tourists on board. The details.

Development of ecotourism in 2018

by Subdesert |   Category News | publish 08-02-2018

Ecotourism is highlighted for this year 2018. Since 2016, the Ministry of Tourism has developed strategies to validate this initiative based on the protection of nature and the environment. The main factors affected by this ecotourism include protected areas, reserves and national parks.

Starting high season 2018

by Subdesert |   Category News | publish 30-01-2018

After the meeting of the Ministry of tourism and tour operators which took place in June of 2017, 2018 season promises under a lucky star. All tourism promotion projects have been successful, have been made in Malagasy land or foreign land. Everyone is optimistic and ready to welcome tourists from all over the world. Last year, tourism operators, including hotels, travel agencies and car rental companies, increased their sales.

For next year, it should be prepared especially at the level of hotel complexes that are not sufficient enough to accommodate visitors. This lack of infrastructure does not concern the big cities and the provinces but especially the tourist sites a little remote but very appreciated. For example Nosy Saba and Nosy Iranja. The majority of clients who join these localities are wealthy foreign tourists. Infrastructure must also respond to this profile of visitors, both in terms of services and equipment provided within hotels. The tourism actors must improve their quality of service. According to visitors, the structure of the place and the quality of the services do not often correspond to what they see on the websites of the hotels. The goal is to correct this gap and offer the maximum to satisfy customers.

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