Hotels & Renting cars

There are three categories of accommodations exist in the island, the non-classified, the Madagascar's proper classification and the international star classification. According to the tourist, we work together with the proper classification and the internationally known. We have many hotels and good restaurants able to provide you a privilege location in the heart of SubDesert Trip. In the highland, the capital of Madagascar, in the coastal or in your customized rainforest holidays and Madagascar birding tours, you can count on your personal travel guide as well as in the bush depending on your request. For example, Carlton hotel provides a privileged location near the major international organization offices, face to the lake Anosy and the Queen's Palace; it is in a harmonious setting between wood and marble that combined comfort and expertise.

African Safari: National currency

The "Ariary" is the most used in terms of currency in Madagascar. In other case, the "Franc Malagasy" is also used by some marketers when selling or buying but all transaction must be done in "Ariary". Apart from that, credit cards are often use in many large hotels and national service since several years. Wherever you trip, having a VISA CARD will be very helpful for adjusting any payment whether at each African safari hotels, rainforest holidays restauration or car location service.