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Madagascar, the treasure island, according to 50 'Inside

by Subdesert |   Category News | publish 01-03-2018


TV report followed by thousands of spectators, the show 50 minutes Inside broadcast on the French channel TF1 devoted a few minutes to promote the destination Madagascar. 17 minutes of ultimate sharing for the tourist sector of the Big Island.

Prestigious places making the reputation of Madagascar

By calling Madagascar a treasure island, the presenter opened his speech with "Madagascar is a land of extraordinary natural wealth". The crew of the television channel was forced to set foot on the Malagasy soil for filming. From November 30 to December 9, three exceptional places were visited by this team, namely Nosy Be Island, Miavana Nosy Ankao and Anjajavy on the west side of the island. These three places revealed some atypical aspects of the Big Island, such as endemic animals like lemurs, endemic trees and plants, and places like beaches, landscape and marine riches.

A little adventurous anecdote

Continuing his narration, the commentator pointed out the billionaire Richard Branson's favorite during his stay on the big island. According to him, Madagascar is the refuge of the lemurs known for their long tails in black and white. This billionaire insisted on the authenticity of the wild island. According to the journalist, Madagascar is known to be a poor country but that does not prevent it from being a popular tourist destination. The show has certainly focused on eco tourism and luxury tourism.

After Vogue and 50'Inside, rendez-vous with RAI TV Italy!

This show was made not only after the agreement of the producers of TF1 but especially following the invitation of the national tourist office of Madagascar. After the big promotion of the American magazine Vogue listing Madagascar among the 10 best tourist destinations, and 50'Inside qualifying the big island to be a flagship destination, it will be around the Italian audiovisual group RAI Tv to continue the promotion. A team of Italian journalists and technicians will soon come to the island to shoot a special show on Madagascar. This report will be broadcast soon on the Italian channel.


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