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Opening of the Museum of Photography

by Subdesert |   Category News | publish 12-03-2018


Thanks to the initiative of three people: a professor of history, a photographer and a Belgian patron, the Museum of Photography finally opened on February 15th. On February 14, a conference was held to explain the ambitions of these initiators. The latter explained that the virtual museum will finally be transformed into a real museum located in Anjohy at the House of Mayors.

The rare images that are exhibited at the museum will tell the story of Madagascar. This initiative also aims to preserve the photographic heritage of the Big Island, while targeting Malagasy students, historians and researchers to truly know their native land.

A tourist and cultural attraction

There is a reason for this museum to be located in the heart of the Upper Town of Antananarivo. A purely touristic place, the high city is among the tourist crowds every year. When they come to visit the heritage and monuments of this beautiful area, they can also enter at the museum.

The museum is a tourist attraction but also a cultural asset because it can learn some things that Malagasy and foreigners still do not know. To promote this project, the French television channel France 24 spent a few minutes to announce the opening of the museum. A boon for both locals and lovers of the big island living in foreign lands.

A gold mine of photos

Visitors will see a photo of the history of Madagascar from pre-colonization to independence in 1960. The images of successive kings and queens are available, as are the leaders of different eras. The martyrs who led the struggle for independence are also represented in the museum.

In total, there are more than 4500 photos. In other words, it is a real historical gold mine represented in the form of photos. For those who are interested in this museum but do not have time to visit it, they are invited to visit the facebook page: Museum of Photography of Madagascar. The 4500 photos are already available on this page.


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