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Major hotel brands are seduced by Madagascar

by Subdesert |   Category News | publish 05-04-2018


The tourism sector is booming. After the passage of some cruise ships in the northern provinces, another good news has just been revealed. Major hotel brands are set to open soon on the big island, including Hyatt, Mövenpick and Golden Tulip.

The capital and the island of Nosy Be in the foreground

According to the EDBM or Economic Development Board of Madagascar, the three new hotel brands will be present in the capital and Nosy Be. The choice of the two places is justified because it is in Tananarive that we record the greatest number of luxurious hotel complexes satisfying the international criteria. This is also the case of Nosy Be, paradise island most visited in Madagascar. This place deserves the presence of other hotel brands, not only to meet the expectations of tourists from around the world but especially to complete the large list of luxury establishments already on site.

Three big names in the world

According to the director of the EDBM, these big brands will be visible on the big island in 2019. The first brand is "Golden Tulip" which is based in the Netherlands. It already has 240 hotels in 45 countries. The second brand is the Mövenpick multinational group of Swiss origin. This brand has 83 hotels around the world. And finally, the American brand Hyatt with 45 countries on the clock.

A breath of fresh air for the Big Island

The existence of these three brands is a big leap for the tourism and hospitality sector of the Big Island. Indeed, it is not a question of building new four-star hotels but of managing existing establishments. This means that some luxury resorts on Tananarive and Nosy Be will again be managed by these brands. The selection criteria will be tough since the existing hotels will become like a kind of "Franchise" of these brands. They will benefit from a high-end clientele, loyal and proud of these major labels. In other words, Madagascar has become a target of large size in terms of tourism and hospitality.


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