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Presence of the big island at ITB Berlin

by Subdesert |   Category News | publish 16-04-2018

Madagascar saw its participation in the ITB fair in Berlin from March 7th to 11th. This 51st edition has allowed the big island to improve its image after the plague epidemic in 2017 causing a braking in terms of reservations for this year 2018. The Malagasy operators, the ONTM and the airline company Air Madagascar have done everything to obtain new partnerships favoring the "Madagascar" destination among the German population and the world.

Various tourism offers to ensure promotion

Exelans Tourism, Travel Assistance, Madagascar Discovery Agency, Island Continent Tours are among the operators present at the show. These have exposed several tourist offerable on the Big Island, including diving that attracts more and more tourists, and birdwatching is also a rising attraction feasible on Malagasy soil. On the other hand, there are also visits to protected areas and nature reserves spread throughout the island. These places are made up of the rarest and most endemic flora and fauna in the world. To the great pleasure of the participants, the invitations to the show were distributed in 2017 after the passage of some German journalists on the big island.

International certification for a sustainable commitment

In order to strengthen relations with the German market, the 9 participants and the tourist office have tried to reassure tourists about the health situation in Madagascar. The work is done, it remains only to sign new contracts invoking the commitment of both parties. To thank the bravest operators in this sustainable commitment, a tourist agent received a prize special "Travelife" award during the fair. This international certification has been awarded to Gassy Tours for its major initiatives related to certain criteria, namely the good management of relationships between service providers, customers and destinations, internal management, the best design of various circuits and other operational areas.


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