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The gem industry: a great tourist asset

by Subdesert |   Category News | publish 13-04-2018


Precious stones and gemstones are beautiful local assets that attract tourists. In recent years, it has been noted that tourists buy Malagasy precious stones to bring home as souvenirs. The gem industry, a strong tourist potential ? Launching projects are underway.

A future fruitful collaboration

The first project of the ONTM or national tourism office of Madagascar is to start a future collaboration with the IGM or the Institute of Gemology of Madagascar. The office wants to create new tourist circuits to integrate in the programs of tour operators. These tours consist of visiting the IGM infrastructure

Promote the gem industry

This decision aims to explore the gem of the big island. Indeed, this sector has a great reputation for many years. It highlights the natural wealth of Madagascar, so use it for the benefit of tourism. The two sectors in parallel will only be productive for one and the other. The sale of precious stones and gemstones will increase, a priori those which are already cut. The director of the IGM congratulated this new initiative since it works in favor of the gem industry, putting an end to all kinds of illicit sales on the big island.

Eliminate illegal sales and impose formal rules

The tourism and gem partnership will also eliminate clandestine sales on extraction platforms. In Ilakaka for example, where we extract the famous black sapphires of Madagascar, sees too much illegal sale sometimes harming the life of the miners. Foreign buyers have established themselves on these circuits and impose their own laws to the dismay of the Malagasy. Although the ONTM and the IGM still have a long way to go in this project of formalization and restructuring, let us hope that the tourists, the foreign buyers and especially the Malagasy sellers will respect the next marketing rules put into effect.


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