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Seduce tourists thanks to the digital strategy

by Subdesert |   Category News | publish 21-03-2018


It's easy to launch a product or destination like Madagascar in the high tech era. The ONTM or National Tourist Office of Madagascar took advantage of this communication technique to promote the "Madagascar destination". He used several tools like social networks and communication media to get a good result. The details.

The office website is getting a new-look

The first weapon of the ONTM to achieve the Destination Madagascar promotion is the update of its website. The latter has redone and is displayed on a new image more captivating. The contents of this site have also changed since we can see more recommendations than news. These recommendations are important to tourists wishing to come to Madagascar. The ONTM was right to integrate them to facilitate administrative procedures and preparations before the trip.

By consulting the site, we are directly conquered by the images in the Gallery page. It is easy to read the different topics thanks to the quality of the interface. To make reading easier, the ONTM graphic designer has integrated five different languages: French, German, English, Italian and Chinese. The responsive design technique made it possible to consult the site on all supports media: phone, laptop and tablet.

Manipulation of social networks

The second tool used by the ONTM to succeed in its branding work is the social network. Indeed, it is easier to reach the targets through facebook, twitter, pinterest, etc. These communication and promotional tools are used by thousands of Internet users. Those who would like to visit Madagascar will not hesitate to consult them to have the necessary informations about the country and especially on the steps to follow to reach the big island.

The ONTM has made available to Internet users other informations about service providers, tour operators and other tourist actors to better shorten the booking process in hotels and cars.


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