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Development of ecotourism in 2018

by Subdesert |   Category News | publish 08-02-2018


Ecotourism is highlighted for this year 2018. Since 2016, the Ministry of Tourism has developed strategies to validate this initiative based on the protection of nature and the environment. The main factors affected by this ecotourism include protected areas, reserves and national parks.

The number of visitors increasing

Since the famous Vogue magazine has listed Madagascar as a must-see destination, thousands of tourists are visiting Madagascar every year. These visitors do not only come for nature but especially to discover the endemism of biodiversity in Madagascar. If we analyze the figures, we have seen an increase of 15% since 2016. This makes a total number of more than 250,000 tourists, all of nationality.

First-class biodiversity

Madagascar is a treasure island with endemic biodiversity. In national parks and nature reserves, we can see large species of animals and plants worthy of being known and protected. For wildlife, it focuses mainly on lemurs, amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals. The flora, meanwhile, focuses on fruit trees, orchids, palms and a wide variety of medicinal plants. While visiting protected areas, rules regulate the protection, respect and cleanliness of these places and their inhabitants.

Discovery, pleasure and respect for the environment

As it is about ecotourism, and therefore about nature preservation, the riverside localities try to offer quality services combining pleasure, visit and respect for the environment to the tourists. In addition, the initiative aims to develop the economic plan of the region through the development of this concept « ecotourism ». While preserving protected areas, locals get jobs based on the same concept. Ecotourism is therefore closely linked to the economic development of the country.


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