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Costa Riviéra went through Antsiranana

by Subdesert |   Category News | publish 14-02-2018


The Costa Riviéra touched the Malagasy soil on January 27th. It was the second passage of the ship with 1121 tourists on board. The details.

A slightly loaded program

The 1121 tourists were welcomed in the province of Diégo Suarez on January 27, 2018. Last year, this ship decided to postpone its passage because of the epidemic. Once the flail was controlled, he immediately took the road back to the big island. The city of Antsiranana has planned a festive program to welcome the ship and its passengers.

The program included trekking, a trip to Tsingy Rouge Park in Antsiranana and a hike to Amber Mountain National Park. After this rich tour program, tourists were invited to visit the city of Antsiranana and its bay by tuk tuk.

A beneficial passage for various sectors

It is not only tourism that benefits from the passage of cruise passengers. The economic sector also benefits from this touch. Handicrafts and service providers such as hotels, restaurants, guides and car rental companies are concerned. All the craftsmen of the host city see their turnover doubled when the cruise lines are there. They buy souvenirs and typically malagasy handmade products. To visit the city, these tourists decide to rent public transport such as rickshaws, tuk tuk and bajajs. These rentals are an economic spin-off for this sector. As for guidance, all local guides are reaping a lot of benefits to satisfy tourists.

Touchdowns planned for other Malagasy provinces

This year, at least until March, other cruises provide for their passage to Madagascar. Other provinces like Toamasina will soon be their center of interest. When they arrive on the big island, they make a rotation and generally visit the big cities of the north like Antsiranana and Nosy Be as well as the east like Santa Maria, Toamasina and the part DIANA. For the province of Toamasina only, the program is loaded with 18 next arrivals until March 2018.


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