With time, Madagascar has progressively gained good reputation, as regards the riches, diversity and originality of its nature retains many of the charms that attracted large visitors over the years. Its exceptional flora and largely endemic fauna reserves unpublished discoveries, and make the country a perfect destination for a beautiful rainforest holidays.


Discover warmhearted people and nature

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Madagascar is a mixture of cultures and traditions, a country of adventures, a sanctuary of nature. Words are not sufficient to describe endemic features of the « Red Island ». One of the best itineraries offering a wide range of tourism products, Madagascar is amidst all first choice for African Safari lovers. Feel the sun on your skin in the South of Madagascar, by leaving your step in sub desert and take pleasure in a real baobab travel. The great picture makes the continent-isle a living treasure with coastlines and highland of forest and rice fields. Amidst all, an ecosystem unique in the world, enlivened by a culture that is a happy blend of Asian, Oceanic, African, Arab values with a touch of European influence.


The best area ever for keen photographer and African safari traveler

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Madagascar is also a resident of meaningful bird species that have been recorded to delight birdwatchers and lay visitors alike. Indeed, many special places actually allow the so-called Madagascar birding tours show, which has become a very popular tourist main hobby. All those who wish to travel to Madagascar you are in the right place to get the utmost benefits from nature luxuriousness. Furthermore, the island is also a cradle of epic site well-known for several hobbies.


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The people set an objective: placing tourism as a pillar for the country’s sustainable development. To tackle this challenge, Madagascar SubDesert Trip, tour operator has been created to offer professional service, providing practical information, depicting the five great tourist regions of the island, followed by a description of the tourism products and a listing of all service providers (including professional guides, Madagascar trip locations and hotels, accommodation…). Traveling over here with tailored river trips and such can be quite an exhilarating experienced that can make you look forward to going back again and again. We will always see it as a privilege to provide you with further information about the constantly evolving number of offered services. Snorkeling, birds watching & whatever attracts you to Madagascar, we are extremely confident you will find these amazing placesand Madagascar National Park perfect for spotting wildlife in any case.


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